The Beauty Boutique

In 2017, Cynthia Morgan disappeared from the public scene and briefly returned with a rebranded social media page and new stage name, Madrina.

Unfortunately for fans who thought she had returned for good, she silently released a few singles before going on another hiatus. Although all her social media accounts are still disabled, she has returned with a new single, “Porshe Panarema”. The Tony Ross-produced track features the Cynthia Morgan we’re used to, as she sings over a reggae dancehall beat.

As usual, “Porshe Panarema” sounds like every one of her other songs with a chorus we can’t seem to understand. However, it is still a bop, as usual, and we can see people whining to the song in the club. While there seems to be no news of her whereabouts, it seems she has a joint album in the works, at least according to the information of Tony Ross’ Instagram. Hopefully, this will be the year we get consistent hits from the dancehall queen.

Listen to the “Porshe Panarema” below: